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Miss Asia Pacific International beauty competitions are a representation of beauty and culture. It is more than just a beauty pageant aimed to pit beautiful women against each other, but it is a beauty pageant known to represent the culture of each country by means of representation by a beautiful woman. It is also the oldest beauty pageant to be founded in Asia.

On the other hand, there is a Miss Asia pageant which lets women from the Asian countries compete in a beauty pageant. The Miss Asia pageant is one which is organized by the Asia Television limited. Countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Philippines, India, Lebanon, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and, of course, Thailand send their most beautiful and most qualified ladies to compete in the said competition.

While they may be organized and held at different places and events, their aims are pretty similar, that is: to uphold the beauty of the women in each country, to represent the individual cultures of the country. These pageants also aim to improve the tourism of the host country, as well as to make relations between countries friendlier and more amiable. The Asian region is a beautiful region, apart from its sights and sounds, Asia is known for their warm people and their excellent culture.

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