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Miss Beauty pageants such as Miss Universe pageants, Miss World pageants and Miss Asia Pacific International Pageants all showcase beauty and charm in their pageants. They aim to have representation from every country in the world while bridging friendships between individual nation states. However, there is more to these Miss Beauty pageants, there is more than just smiles and beauty overflowing the stage as charm, wit, grace and intelligence are measured in order to come up with the best representation during that year.

Some of the most popular Miss Beauty pageants are Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific International, all of which are participated Thailand. Thailand’s support for their beauty can be seen in how they participate and endorse their beauty pageant industry.

Miss Beauty pageants in Thailand are aimed at promoting the beautiful people in the country in hopes of getting tourists to generate revenue for their tourism industry. Apart from this, the winners of the Miss Beauty Pageants become spokespersons for various government programs and even for other commercial programs. They serve as good examples for the citizens in the country. Contestants in these beauty pageants come from different regions in the country, aiming to represent the region with hopes of representing the country in general .

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