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Beauty is said to only just be skin deep and that personality is much better than physical beauty. While there is much truth to this adage, it can not be denied that beauty is something which catches our attention at first. One of the first qualifications for these competitions is that these ladies should be single, as the contest is aiming to have single ladies represent the country. It must also be pointed out that these are miss beauty pageants.

These miss contestants are lovely, young ladies who are cordial and warm and are said to be good representations of the beauty of the country. Considering that Thailand is well known for their beautiful culture and their warm people, it is not surprising that the miss contestants for Miss Thailand beauty pageants are expected to be distinctly Thai, apart from being just beautiful and intelligent. Miss contestants are cordial, cheerful and are very willing to impart their culture, not just to those they are competing with in the beauty pageant, but as well as for the rest of the world.

Miss contestants in these beauty pageants are judged not by their appearance but as well as their warmth, grace, and intelligence. Portions in the competition such as the swimsuit competition, the question and answer portion and the miss congeniality award aim to recognize the aforementioned characteristics of the individual who are contestants of these miss beauty pageants.

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