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The Miss Universe Pageant is one which is recognized and well-received by the world over. Anyone who would think of beauty pageants would immediately have the Miss Universe pageant in mind. Well organized, prestigious and effective in the promotion of tourism of the host country, it is considered to be the most prestigious beauty pageant on the face of the planet.

The Miss Universe pageant is more than just a test of beauty; as grace, poise and intelligence are tested in the competition. The Miss Universe pageant, then is more than just a test of beauty as the lovely ladies in the competition are tested for their smarts and grace under pressure. It is known to be the most publicized beauty pageant in the world.

The winners for the Miss Universe pageant represents and reigns as the Miss Universe for a year, until a new winner is crowned. There had been two winners of Miss Universe from Thailand, for the years 1965 and 1988. The 1988 Miss Universe pageant is one held in Taiwan and bested by Porntip Nakhirunkanok of Thailand, with Hcnag Yoonjung from Korea and Amanda Beatriz Olivares Philips of Mexico as first and second runner up respectively.

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